What are Cookies?

A Cookie is a text file that is stored on your computer so that our website is able to recognise you on your next visit. We use these Cookie to improve the user experience of our site and application. We can distinguish three types of Cookies:

1. Necessary Cookies

Certain Cookies are necessary to store settings and preferences for using eQuse Indicate. Without these Cookies you will be asked for the same information multiple times and parts of the application wont work at all.

2. Cookies for researching website and application usage

There are cookies that report which pages you open, in what order and how long you stay there. With that information we are able to create user statistics that enable us to improve and optimize the usability of our application.

3. Third party Cookies

Certain components are built by third parties and place cookies for other websites or applications. These are usualy extra's such as a interactive Google Map, a Facebook Like button or the opportunity to Tweet something directly. These Cookies allow us to determine whether you have an active Google, Facebook or Twiiter Account.

Which Cookies are being used by eQuse Indicate?


The PHPSESSID Cookie falls into the category of necessary Cookies. Without this cookie the application won't function properly. This Session Cookie enables eQuse Indicate to store certain data so that you are not confronted with information request for information that you already have entered in the application.

2. Analytical Cookies (utma, utmb, utmc, utmz)

We use a few analytical cookies that enable us to create statistical data about application usage. They report what pages are being visited in what order, how long the pages are open and which modules of eQuse Indicate are used most often. We use these statistics to improve the overall usability and quality of our application.

What about my privacy?

All the Cookies we use are anonymous. We are not interested which person uses our application. We are only interested in how eQuse Indicate is used. Cookies on our website and application never store personal data.

Do you object to Cookies?

When you log in to eQuse indicate you agree with the usage of aforementioned Cookies that are placed to optimize your experience with eQuse Indicate. Would you still like to disable the Cookies you can disable them in your browser. See the manual or help information of your browser for further instructions on how to disable cookies. Please note that we cannot ensure correct functioning of eQuse Indicate when Cookies are disabled in your browser.